image of crocus coming up from snow used as a header image
Crocus coming up from the blanket of snow, harbinger of spring
Featured Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

While we may not have snow on the ground here in Northern Texas (though we did have some this year ) this image of purple crocus emerging from beneath the snow brings to mind that first inkling of spring, when you start to feel everything around you beginning the preparations to slough off the protections of winter, anxious for longer days.  The buzz of anticipation is just around the corner, the world preparing to unfurl her splendor and welcome Persephone back.

Seeing some of my garden bouncing back from last year (and some of the plants that my husband would call weeds, but we all know are actually beneficial herbs, growing in my back yard) has made me excited for the upcoming growing season.  I have been eager to look through  some of my favorite catalogues, websites, and gardening books, trying to plan the perfect garden.  It is quite fun imagining myself to be a horticultural goddess, able to bring to life a thriving, healing, nurturing space.  My actual abilities are certainly nothing in comparison to that vision, but a girl can dream!

It is also calling me to prepare for Imbolc, (2/1), start some spring cleaning, and sort out my garden for the growing season to come.  This is combined with preparing for the emotional and spiritual parts of Spring.  The renewal of the land always feels like it comes with the promise of a personal renewal.  More time to be outdoors, letting in fresh air, and making new beginnings.  I have my fingers crossed that this year will also bring with it an end to the confinement we have all felt as a result of Covid.  May we all be able to unfurl our limbs, connect with the earth and the sky and grow beyond our safe pods to bring health and vibrancy to the world again.

I am breathing in the beauty of anticipation as I prepare for both our upcoming in person and online Imbolc celebrations!

May the return of the light bring with it the blessings for a prosperous future.


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