First off, this is not usually covered in a 101 class.  My mentor and I have been going back and forth on discussing the best way to introduce and ensure a good foundation.  This it is a very personal, powerful, and important set of tools that have been suppressed by shame, guilt, and all manner of misinformation for millennia.

Before one goes looking for exotic titles or spell work related to sex magic, we need to work on the foundations.  That means that sex itself is a topic that deserves much more examination than it needs specific candles or incantations. It is easy to get lost in either an overwhelming avalanche of information or a whole lot of very inaccurate fantasy written by people wanting to sell a book. There are definitely some good resources on Sex Magick, though they really aren’t as important as coming to terms with your own relationship with sex, masturbation, orgasm, and how they can all fit into your practice.

Unfortunately, while we all want to think that the secret to successful Sex Magic probably looks something like

Woman in bathtub with flowers
“Flowers springing forth from between her thighs, the aromatic water teasing her senses the witch… “

The place to start with this is on healing the American and Judeo-Christian shame and guilt.

Certainly a lot less sexy than we thought today’s class was going to be about right?

Once we are aware and working to resolve our culturally inherited bindings, we can then talk about the taboo that is solo sex. Solo sex is one of the most important types of sex that you can have.  You really need to learn to love yourself so you can teach a lover what works best.  We’ll definitely talk more about this, and discuss some resources for both working on the shame and working on your skills.

T-shirt proclaiming I Masturbate- Header image

Most of the time, doing a working powered by sexual energy is easier solo.  You can focus more on the actual goal and what you are manifesting without also working on timing with a partner and ensuring your partner is also both focused and deriving pleasure.  We may discuss partnered workings a bit later, and I am absolutely open to answering questions, but for now, I would discourage partnered sex magic until you have done the work to overcome some of the shame and guilt and built up some great masturbation skills.


Class 18 Outline 

  1. Checkins & Catch-up
  2. Upcoming Classes & Beltane
  3. Water Closeout
  4. Shame
  5. Self
  6. AIR?

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