The Fall equinox comes upon us, and it is the time of year when balance is meant to be celebrated. 

Balance feels like something so very hard to achieve, and something which our modern lives are often devoid of.  

A couple days ago I went to let my dogs outside, and I realized the temperature was glorious.  I ended up going out and sitting with them in the back yard, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying the fresh, cool air with the scent of fall.  It was a reminder that the wheel of the year is turning, and it is time for us to once again move from the brilliance of spring and summer into the darker, cooler months of the year.  

September feels a little early here in Texas to really get into the fall season, but September is always a turning point.  The days become a bit shorter and, if you live in Texas, the heat starts to become bearable enough to really enjoy mornings and late evenings outdoors (if you can avoid the mosquitos). 

Harvest home is coming up, celebrated on the days around the Fall equinox.  While this is the second harvest festival (lughnessa being the first) it is the time of year when my favorite season feels like it is finally on its way. I found my first acorn of the year at the dog park with Cleo and Josie.

Finding and bringing in the first acorn of the season is a tradition my Grandmother first introduced me when I was very small.  She was able to use the first acorns to divine how hard the winter would be; according to my Grandmother if the tree was putting out abnormally large acorns it was going to be a really rough winter.

Bringing in our first acorns of the season, we’d put them up on the mantle or on the window ledge in front of the kitchen sink, where they could share their blessings of abundance with the family.  Now I tend to put it in a place of honor on my altar.  I try to make sure I have found one prior to Harvest Home, and keep it there until Beltaine when it will be put into a ritual fire to bless the return of the Sun.




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