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This morning is a bright, clear and beautiful day.  The weather has the beautiful crisp coolness of fall, and I feel the turning of the wheel.  This is my favorite time of year.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate the fall equinox.

Balance and Thanksgiving.  Sharing abundance to ensure its return.

Examining how the year has gone, what we are thankful for, and what we would be thankful to leave behind is an important exercise.  It builds our self awareness, our knowledge and puts us in a position to be proactive makers of change. As magic is the art of mastering and manifesting our will, then knowing our will is an essential piece.  Not just the microcosms of the immediate, but the larger flow of our lives.  

My harvest has been wonderful, What if I don’t want balance, but to continue in abundance?

Balance is not the antithesis of prosperity.  A truly balanced system will have the ability to continue to thrive indefinitely.  Knowing what is going right is important to keeping it going right.  Knowing what resources you are using to succeed means that you can help bolster those resources to continue succeeding.  Getting enough sleep, nutrition, exercise, and positive stimulation is vital to keeping your body in balance and thriving.  Neglecting to examine the parts that make you happy, and your harvest in abundance means you don’t actually know why things are going so well.  You are unable to cultivate the crops to ensure they continue to flourish.

What if it feels like you have not received a bountiful harvest?  If you are heading into the darker months with less?  

It is still a time to reflect on balance, how to tip the scales back into your favor.  Uproot the ‘crops’ that did not serve you, and till the soil so that you are ready to plant the seeds of positive change.  What things are imbalanced and causing you harm? 

It is a good time to see what has changed in your own life, and how you can proactively meet those changes.  Even when it is a negative change, your own reaction, and how you go about addressing the change can be vital in a broader view of prosperity. 


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