I dont know why but I am still not satisfied with the name- it could be my perfectionism, but I would rather blame the Goddesses involved here.

As I am less familiar with Brigid, but she seems to be quite involved lets see how we can honor her and Hecate… and maybe the horned one for good measure…

i am posting my brainstorming below, I think it would be helpful if you would be willing to do the same or maybe help play with the words that stand out as a good idea in the pile of stuff…

Circle of keys

Sanctum of Keys

Keys at the road opening

ailm grove

Sect of the Swan

Embers of Ailm

Circle of Keys

Keys of Evergreen

Keys of Ailm

Ailm at the Crossroads

Keys of the fold

The Fold

Nest in the fold

Swans nest

Nest of Keys

Haunt of dogs and swans

Of canines and corvids

Cygnets and canines

Retreat of Cygnets and Canines

Crossroads of Cygnus and Canus

Keys of Cygnus

Keys of Canus

Keys of Corvis

Moon of the Dog and Swan

Crossroads of the Swan and the Dog

Circle of Swan and Dog

Circle of Swans

Swans Nest

Dogs Den

Haven of Keys

Oasis of Ailm

Oaisis of Keys


Wynne Foundations

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