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  • Assemblage project – Book of Life
    Creating your own Book of Life using the discs and punch from the Happy Planner
  • Imbolc – February 1 2021
    The wheel of the year seems to turn more quickly the older that I get. I feel like I haven’t settled into winter yet and we are already anticipating the spring. The festival of Bridgid, and the awakening around all of us of is very exciting. I look forward to days outside in my garden…
  • Anticipating Spring, preparing for Imbolc
    IMBOLC- Daydreaming about the promise of spring
  • Aligning with Nature Wisdom – December
    The Season of the Blessed Stranger – Inviting blessings for those who impact our lives
  • Aligning with Nature’s Wisdom – November
    The Season of the Holy Pause Welcome November! The final harvest or “Samhain” has passed and I am looking forward to longer nights and the things that warm my heart and expand peace of mind. The season of the Holy Pause has arrived. I have cleared and cleaned an altar. All that remains is a…
  • Magick in the Produce Section for South Bay Circles
    Witches of old used to gather their supplies in their gardens and the local wooded areas. Modern witches don’t always have that luxury. When we think of crafting our magic, the grocery store is often the last place on our minds. Is it so different from gathering herbs and items out foraging?
  • Aligning with Nature’s Wisdom- October
    The Season of Life’s End ~ and Life’s Beginning Welcome October!