The Season of Life’s End ~ and Life’s Beginning Welcome October!

Samhain is near and this season marks an ending and a beginning. My life as I have lived it comes to an end and a new one is soon to begin. This final of three “harvest” Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year is symbolized on my altar by two small books, each titled The Book of My Life.

Halloween, All Souls/All Saints Day, Dia de los Muertos, and Samhain all have one thing in common: DEATH. While that strikes fear in the hearts of many, in some cultures it is a time of celebrating the ongoing connection with loved ones who have passed over. And in reality, death is something that we all have in common. What is vastly different…is the relationship we have with it.

As one who practices the Old Ways, this time of the year calls me to reflect upon my own life, death, and rebirth. Perhaps there is no greater lesson to be learned from the cycles of Mother Nature than that of the impermanence of all and the certainty of rebirth from all that has past.

One book’s pages are filled to the end
A year chronicled and sealed with Her tear. One book’s pages are fresh to begin
A blank slate for the next new year.

For me, the great challenge is put THE END to some things that have filled this year. I make a pact with myself and the Goddess that what I end or release will not be picked up as the new day dawns and new year begins. This marks THE END of struggles, experiences that were not good fits, and also tasks or business simply left incomplete. This speaks to the energy of the last of the harvest because the final push is on from now until the end of October to take care of important business.

Is my house in order? If I did not wake from my slumber what would I be leaving undone? These questions are especially important to me as I complete the final pages in this year’s The Book of My Life.

As sobering as this sounds there is tremendous joy and freedom in this season of endings. Perhaps the great fear some folks have of Witches comes from seeing that we dance with death as an integral aspect of life and Nature. We do not fear the underworld or the dark of night because our mythology and lives affirm the experiences as part of the grand cycle.

How powerful it is to write the final chapter in this year’s book with such flair and clarity, that I can’t wait to begin the next volume! And how profound it is to release regret, shame, or despair as I prepare for the next volume of my life.

The next volume will begin: Once upon a time…there was a woman.

© 2020 Patricia Ballentine

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