The Season of the Holy Pause

Welcome November!

The final harvest or “Samhain” has passed and I am looking forward to longer nights and the things that warm my

heart and expand peace of mind. The season of the Holy Pause has arrived. I have cleared and cleaned an altar. All that remains is a simple cloth and a silver candle placed in the center.

I believe that the sacred and profoundly powerful energies of this season are the least valued and yet most needed

in the fullness of consciously living life. As a culture, we are ramping up in preparation a number of events including the “man-made” holiday season rather than slowing down to experience and embody Nature’s Season of the Holy Pause that is already upon us.

At Yule 2019 (Winter Solstice) I received a spark of inspiration that felt “simple” as a particular word dropped into my consciousness. The seed gift of the Goddess, it was to be unwrapped, explored, and enlivened through the full turning of the year. As simple and gracefulas one might imagine that inspirational process to be, this year has been difficult and to the bones transformational as I have taken each step to embody what can best be described as surrender to the Mystery. Not a corner of my life has remained untouched as the resounding message to surrender and trust has tested and refine my ability to not only flow with physical, emotional, and mental grace, but to also receive the Grace of the Great Mystery as a soul level blessing. 

It has been messy. 

I have been sustained by the knowledge that the deepest lessons always require work. And, with this year’s work I better understand the essence of silence, the unknown, and the energies required to allow the Mystery to unfold.  Thus, I have stayed faithful to the process of walking with the Goddess and aligning with Nature’s Wisdom.

With Samhain, I released the personal stories of the dramatic events of the year. I consciously stepped like a newborn child into the safety and nurturing energy of the Holy Pause. To hold this space and to be truly in the sacredness of it I must do only one thing: Honor my own intention that what has been released is done. No more telling of the details of a life completed. No more feeding the dead bone of that which no longer serves.

Each year Nature models and energetically opens the time and space for me to step in and be born anew. It takes

time to heal. It takes time to release the old habits that are yet linked to the dead bone. More than anything, it

takes a belief that I am worthy of the inner peace that this season brings.

I have faith in the Goddess who stands at the door as my guide and guardian. I surrender into this Season of the

Holy Pause and I embrace the lessons of the Mystery…now embodied.

© 2020 Patricia Ballentine

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