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Benefits of Shopping at the Grocery Store

  • Your supplies will be food grade
  • Freshness = Potency
  • You’re already there
  • May be easier to find when you are in an unfamiliar place
  • You may not live close to a metaphysical shop, or want to wait for shipping
  • There is a lot more than just the produce section…

This is how I set up my workspace when I am going to be doing a lot of herbal work.

All of my fresh herbs are snipped about an inch and placed in fresh water, except those with roots still attached, those just go straight in.

I have a cutting board and my clippers.

Not pictured are a sharp knife, mortar and pestle, and my herb scissors but we will get to my tools next.

As you can see, I got a little over- excited when shopping for this class and there are definitely more things on my table than we will be going over today. Hopefully we will have a chance in future lessons to talk about some of my other favorites like the Aloe you see on the far left…


These are my favorites and used for all food-grade projects

Important: I have separate tools for things that are food grade and things that are inedible and toxic. I NEVER MIX them. To be sure I actually have different colored handles on everything.

Cutting board

You need a good cutting board. As these can be found nearly anywhere I’ll leave this one up to you. You want something sturdy. Dishwasher safe has its perks… Something that doesn’t slip when you are cutting is important.

Morter & Pestle

While I have two mortar and pestles here, if you are just starting out, go for a non-porous dishwasher safe porcelain option like the one on the far left. While mine was a gift from a friend in the UK. This one is available from several sellers. Here are a few links:

Picking a metal option or soft stones like soap stone or marble can cause issues with things like minerals and salts that are harder than the material of the mortar and pestle, causing the material to grind off into your mix. Acids can also react with the material causing metal salts to become an inadvertent part of your mixture. In the case of metal- depending on the composition this could actually be toxic.


It is worth buying one good pair of clippers rather than a couple pairs that end up being terrible. I used ARS clippers when I was a professional florist and there is no substitute. They can be professionally sharpened when needed. They are available at the following links:

Sharp Knife

on reviewing the video I realize I don’t use the knife for much, and certainly nothing the scissors shouldn’t be used for. Nonetheless I am leaving this section as a good knife is it important for herbal and floral magic and it is helpful information

Sharpness is really important here, the particular brand is less so. Counterintuitively, a sharp knife will prevent the worst cuts. (A clean sharp knife will also produce cuts that heal the quickest.) Of course you need to be able to handle that knife safely. The knife that I currently use is blessed and plays the role of boline in my practice, it is a Laguille. It can be found here

Personally if you are doing a lot of work with flowers and herbs, I would actually recommend a victorinox floral knife. They are a workhorse, what I used as a florist, and stay sharp far longer than they really have any right to. They are available many places, at the time I’m writing this had the best non-wholesale price but here are a few links: Victorinox Site Amazon

Smoke Cleanse

Cut and Clear Spray

Dream Pillow

IMPORTANT: The ingredients in this pillow are not for children- children are already psychically open and would not need the same blend


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